Updating Xamarin.Android.Support libraries fails


I trying to update libraries from to 28.0.0. But an compatibility error raises.
What I'm doing wrong?
Please help or fix.
Thank you!

Unable to resolve dependencies. 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common 26.1.0' is not compatible with 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Runtime 1.1.1 constraint: Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common (= 1.1.1)', 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Lifecycle.LiveData 1.1.1 constraint: Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common (= 1.1.1)', 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Lifecycle.LiveData.Core 1.1.1 constraint: Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common (= 1.1.1)'.




    When updating Forms nugets when you create a black template solution just update the REQUIRED nuget packages, don't update all.

    It's a bit of a pain and usually catches people out.

  • LesterMeeksLesterMeeks USMember ✭✭
    edited January 28

    Did you find a way to deal with this? I think the problem is that Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common doesn't really have a 26.1.0 version?

    I manually edited the packages file and got my Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common and Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core. Runtime to update to But then other troubles cropped up with the update.

  • PhilippGayko.9736PhilippGayko.9736 CHMember ✭✭
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    Now, Xamarin.Forms Update (from 3.4.0 to 3.5.0) throws that error!
    Gathering dependency information took 8.5 sec Summary of time taken to gather dependencies per source : /Users/pgayko/Documents/workspaces/m.ergon.ch/dotnet/packages - 111.14 ms https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json - 30.59 sec Attempting to resolve dependencies for multiple packages. Unable to resolve dependencies. 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common 26.1.0' is not compatible with 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Runtime constraint: Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common (=', 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Lifecycle.LiveData constraint: Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common (=', 'Xamarin.Android.Arch.Lifecycle.LiveData.Core constraint: Xamarin.Android.Arch.Core.Common (='.
    And my SDK Manager looks as follows:

    What do I wrong, or whats wrong with that stuff?

    Please Xamarin/Microsoft guys help!

    I could resolve this issue by following this advice https://github.com/xamarin/xamarin-android/issues/2644#issuecomment-457641255

  • DevologyDevology GBMember ✭✭

    For me I right-clicked on by Android 'Packages' folder, clicked 'Add Nuget Packages...' and then searched for Xamarin.Android.Arch' I then selected the following three packages (because they were the ones in my project that incorrectly pointed to 26.1.0 previously) ...


    This pulled in a few more dependencies (I have no idea if I need them)..


    I also opened the Tools -> SDK Manager and ensured Android 9.0 options were all installed. I'm not sure whether this was required.

    I was to then update the Xamarin Forms Nugets.

    I now have a project that's fully up-to-date. Please note that my Nuget version numbers for other nugets didn't render until I quit Visual Studio and re-loaded the project.

    It's worth pointing out my builds failed after this with a Javac error, so I enabled Multi-Dex (Project Options -> Android Build -> General) and everything now works okay.

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