Trying to deploy Apple Application to an Apple phone... Did it once before... Not its not working

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Hi all... back again with more questions regarding this overly complicated process of getting an application on an apple phone..

On this phone about 2 or so week back I was able to get the application on the phone... I did the ID and all has been submitted to the dev

So I the apple phone connected to the macintosh computer. On the windows computer in visual studio I have the machintosh paired...

Last time I had this question there was some confusion over should this be built as ad-hoc or release. I have no idea which one worked...
But I will have to do this 100 times to get this application to my users. I would love to know if there is a step by step guide as I have tried all the things I was told before...

I I select device the visual studio switches to the apple phone simulator...... Do I want that to happen? I don't want want to run it.. I want to install it..
Just look for clarity here.. Thank you.

Currently I am following this:


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    @AppDev01 said:

    You are trying to deploy this to 100 devices by building it each time? Don't do that, dev builds expire after a week. Use TestFlight instead to deploy to your app testers. They expire after 90 days instead.

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    Hi @JohnHair
    Why do they expire... I have the devices listed on the apple dev site? How do I get them to no expire at all?

    Neither one of those are viable for us... we are using this application internally... there has to be a way to use an internal app and not have it expire... I thought that was what the 200 US dollars was for... am I missing something???

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    Sounds like you want the enterprise apple licence.

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