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Modbus TCP communication

GiorgioSannaGiorgioSanna USMember ✭✭
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Hi to everyone.
I'm new to xamarin IOS, I already developed app in xamarin but for Android. Now I have to develop an app to control a PLC for a domestic application.
This PLC (Schneider) control all lights of the house, and the photovoltaic plant of the house, it is able to communicate the data with Modbus TCP.
My question is: Are there any libraries available that allow the modbus tcp communication?

thanks to everyone can help me!



  • GiorgioSannaGiorgioSanna USMember ✭✭


  • MrCzechMrCzech Member

    I have the same problem. EasyModbusTCP library doesn't work in Xamarin.
    GiorgioSanna, could you tell me which library did you use ? To communication using ModbusTCP protocol

    Thanks for help in advance !

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