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How can I reduce the overhead of adding an app extension

BrianBocciaBrianBoccia USMember ✭✭

I'm working on adding some app extensions to my main app. But it seems pretty ugly that I have to include the full Xamarin framework in the app bundle that is a sub-component of the main app bundle which contains an identical copy of the Xamarin framework. Is there some way to have both just load the same copy so I can keep the size down?

As a sample, I managed to get ExtensionSamples to build in Release config. I had to remove the ShareExtension because I couldn't get rid of the complaint about not having a provisioning profile for it, despite doing the same tweaks as the other two. But with just TodayExtension and FinderSyncExtension included, the release build was 23.9 MB. But when I removed those two extension projects, it dropped to 3.1 MB!



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