Printing rows of a xamarin.forms.listview in a UWP

Hi there,

Does anyone know how or know where I could look to find out how to print the rows of a xamarin listview in UWP? I've seen online examples of printing webviews, pdfs, images, etc., but I'm not sure how to print a listview. I'm using dependency injection and I'm just passing a parameter to my UWP implementation with the listview object.


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Place your list view in a single StackLayout and use this code to capture the whole view:

  • bcorradi55bcorradi55 Member

    Ok, I guess I'm still a bit confused on what I would put here? I created the interface for the IScreenshotServices and implemented a ScreenShotServices in my UWP project with the code referenced.

    var stream = await SignatureView.GetImageStreamAsync(SignaturePad.Forms.SignatureImageFormat.Png);

    I have a named "DetailView" StackLayout that I want to capture. If the whole list isn't visible on the screen at a given time would this method still capture all the items of the listview?

    Another method I've looked at is just sending the list of objects that my ListView is bound to a Print method in my UWP. However, I'm fairly new to Xamarin and I'm not able to make the preview span multiple pages.

    Thank you for your assistance.

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