NuGet package Bait and switch for Xamarin projects - Wrong dlls loaded


I'm creating a NuGet package that is used on all platforms. I'm having trouble with a customer that is using .net framework 4.6.1.
NuGet is using bait and switch to give our customer the right implementation of our project with the following folders:
MonoAndroid10, portable-net451+win81, uap.

This works fine for all platforms except for the portable-net451+win81 folder/platform. When people are using this PCL version of our project they are not getting the right implementation of the NuGet packages that I'm depending on in my project, they get not implemented PCL version of the dlls.

Now the customer needs to uninstall these NuGet packages and manually get them, to be able to use my project.

How can I setup my project/NuGet so that he gets the right implementation of the NuGet packages I'm depending on when he installs my NuGet package?

Thank you,

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