Using WebView for showing SSRS reports (Can it mimic another browser)

SolomonFriedSolomonFried USMember ✭✭

I am using a WebView to display a reports rendered from SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).
SSRS supports Edge, ie, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
On UWP the pages render since on UWP WebView is using an Edge renderer.

But on IOS and Android nothing shows since it is using Webkit (or whatever on Android).

I would hope that since Xamarin is a Microsoft company and since the only way to show SSRS reports on mobile devices is via HTML, the 2 divisions would talk to each other and make Xamarin a good platform for displaying SSRS reports.

Just wondering if there is a way around this. Can I make the WebView mimic another browser? Are there plans to update WebView to use Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. The default Android browser also works with SSRS.

For now, my fallback is to request the reports as PDFs and display then in a Syncfusion PDF control. Not the greatest solution because the report becomes static and can't take advantage of SSRS mobile features.


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