Xamarin.Facebook user authentication

JamesAJJamesAJ Member ✭✭

This code can be used to generate a sharedialog where the user clicks post button in a confirm dialog box to share the post in their timeline, but is there currently a way to send the post to their timeline without having to show the user the post confirmation and using only the access token, and app id (like in the graph api)

ShareDialog shareDialog = new ShareDialog(this);

ShareLinkContent.Builder sharelinkbuilder = new ShareLinkContent.Builder();


sharelinkbuilder.SetQuote("My user quote");

ShareContent shareContent = sharelinkbuilder.Build();

if (shareDialog.CanShow(shareContent , ShareDialog.Mode.Automatic))


//If true can show share dialog

var myobj = "";


shareDialog.Show(shareContent , ShareDialog.Mode.Automatic);

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