Altering the & translation dll files via a post build Jenkins job

I am developing a white label solution in Xamarin for iOS & Android. The template app will be the same for all clients but certain elements (app icons, launch icons & translations, branding.json etc) will bear different branding as per customer requirements.

Of all the aforementioned elements, it now looks that the & Translations dll cannot be patched through a post-build Jenkins job (like for an iOS generic build, where the ipa is unarchived, desired files replaced then re-archived & resigned).

My aim would be to generate only one "master build" per release per platform and then further adjust that build via Jenkins, patching all necessary resources outside Visual Studio / AppCentre. Is this possible?

As a temporary solution, I've created one feature branch per app with its own branding but this set-up generates significant overhead on the long run.

Would it be possible to somehow prepare both the archive from a set of appicons and the translation dll from the .resx and then simply patch them to a master build?

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