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Play/Pause button on the apple tv remote is not working while the video is playing with AVPlayerVie

Hi all,
I am playing the video through AVPlayerViewController in tvOS (Xamarin tvOS). I am pausing and resuming the video with Play/Pause button on the apple tv remote. I am using the PressesBegan method to get the event on click of Play/Pause button. This is working fine on the simulator but not on the actual devices. On the actual devices, we are not getting the events for pressing the Play/Pause button. We tried it on Apple TV 4K (version 12.11) and Apple TV (version 11.4).
This is only happening when I play the video through AVPlayerViewController otherwise it works fine. I tried UITapGestureRecognizer, PressesEnded method, and also the RemoteControlReceived method. But still, there is no help. Any help will be much appreciated.

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