Loading pins into map asynchronously

Is there a way to load pins without blocking the UI Thread? Would that be realistic for a great number of points?

I'm currently using amay's Google Maps library, and doing so isn't quite possible. While you can run the code on a different thread/with await and then call the method to actually add the pin in the main thread, doing so is a huge hit to performance.

Are there any libraries that support this? Is this doable if using custom renderers?

Ideally, end product would be a map that binds its pin source to an ObservableCollection to update it automatically in an asynchronous way (with the asynchronous part being the hard one), but that's another story.


  • JiriMatejkaJiriMatejka CZMember ✭✭✭

    Am not sure if it's doable in an async way, but I would definitely not load all the pins at once but load only the ones within the displayed area and load futher ones once user slides the map. Having large number of pins can definitely ruin the performance.

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