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Symbolicating Xamarin.iOS line numbers

We are currently using Microsoft App Center to get our crash logs in production apps.
App Center automatically handles dSYM symbolication but crash logs still contain several unsymbolicated files and line number (mostly related to managed code).

These are noted as:
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at ExampleNamespace.ExampleClass.ExampleMethod () [0x00025] in <053cf1dbc3d74eb891e2b9133f7af1b6>:0

I have <MonoSymbolArchive>True</MonoSymbolArchive> set for both the iOS and Android project on release builds, so the mSYM folder is available in both the apkarchive and xcarchive bundles.

Using the mono-symbolicate tool with said mSYM folder and unsymbolicated report works fine for Android builds. I can see the original line number and file names in the output.

However, on iOS I always get an error similar to the following when symbolicating:

Unhandled Exception: System.Exception: Could not retrieve IL offset
   at Mono.SeqPointInfo.GetILOffset(Int32 methodToken, UInt32 methodIndex, Int32 nativeOffset)
   at Mono.AssemblyLocationProvider.TryResolveLocation(StackFrameData sfData, SeqPointInfo seqPointInfo)
   at Mono.Symbolicate.SymbolicateAction(List`1 args)
   at Mono.Symbolicate.Main(String[] args)

What could be the cause of this? Are there any special settings required to symbolicate iOS managed code opposed to Android managed code?

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  • ClockAppDevClockAppDev NLMember ✭✭

    That's too bad. I guess we will only be using Android symbolication for now.
    Thanks for the information. I have filed the line number symbolication feature request to App Center.

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