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Hi All

I have had some issues with successfully installing VS2017 Community and Xamarin on Windows 7. When I check the Mobile Development with Xamarin check box in the VS installer it downloads and installs most of the files but not everything because I cannot get blank project to build when testing. Each time I run the VS installer it shows components missing and its like it wont complete the install.

I have noticed in the past that VS2015 and VS2017 dont work well with Windows 7 as it seems things dont install fully. Can I use Xamarin with an older VS like 2013? My development machine is unfortunately stuck on Win7 due to IT policy etc.

I am primarily interested in Xamarin Forms and I am a newbie so apologies in advance if its a silly question.


  • LuisDavidDelaCruzLuisDavidDelaCruz Member ✭✭✭

    Hello friend, the main requirements for your computer

    • Windows 10 (entreprise)
    • Visual Studio 2017
    • Android SDK
    • If you want to use the VS2017 emulator you need a 64-bit processor that supports Hyper-V
    • at least 4 GB of memory
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