How can i fix the error of "not finding @style/Theme.Splash'"? + some Ramblings.

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Error No resource found that matches the given name (at 'theme' with value '@style/Theme.Splash'). PCulturalMovil C:\Users\nicol\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\PCulturalMovil\PCulturalMovil\obj\Debug\81\android\manifest\AndroidManifest.xml 15

This error have two parts:

1) How can i stop AndroidManifest of asking every time for Theme.Splash?

i never use it before, i don't want to use it, and if that thing was always on use in the background without me noticing for instance, then, it means you guys break something on the base proyects, because it never send me that error before...

i remove all the Styles, it doesn't have any resource called Theme.Splash on none part of the application, i search for it using the search tool of VS2017 and guess what, nothing, could we have a base proyect without AppCompat? because i think that would be the problem source...

2) Why are you guys Forcing us to use AppCompat?

I'm trying to make a new, blank aplication to make a new Xamarin proyect so to learn how to use a library, i download an example from the internet than as my code using another base proyects before i never have a problem with and run flawlessly.

Now, i try then to make a new aplication from scratch, so to change things, learn, and add what i'm in need of in order to make the aplication i need, but now, for some reason, the base proyects come with a lot of new b"$#% added to them, you could say than "it's necesary because 8.0 and stuff" but that would be a blatant lie because i have another aplications than actualy DON'T NEED TO USE APPCOMPAT, or any of that other theme garbage on it AND WORK FLAWLESSLY, and guess what, THEY ACTUALY DON'T NEED TO HAVE THAT "ADDONS" ON THEM!!!

Have you ever heard about avoiding implementing a library you are not gonna use? yeah i know, What a concept! aren't it?
i think it could be a good practice one day... (sarcasm)

Can we have a base proyect than doesn't force us to use AppCompat please?

Do i need to start migrating to Flutter or something else?

I ask that because, well, Xamarin support is not precisely known for fix issues fast, aren't it?

Thanks for your time and patience, as a years long user of Xamarin, i need to vent some stuff too about it...

Have a great day

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