Get information from Bluetooth with BLE plugin

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I am using BLE plugin and try to make app to conect with Arduino using bluetooth. If I use some BLE terminal from store I get information from module. My app can find and connect to module, but I dont know how to read information from bluetooth.



  • JuniorJiangJuniorJiang Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi @Afomin31 , like the link shared, if have connected to module, the next need to get Serviceand Service's Characteristics ,

    var services = await connectedDevice.GetServicesAsync();
    var characteristics = await service.GetCharacteristicsAsync();

    the info can be get form Characteristics like this:

    var bytes = await characteristic.ReadAsync();

    The last step , you need to deal with the bytes data. And the format of the data depends on the format in which the connected device is sent.
    There is a demo can be refered to.

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    This demo don't work for me...I think thats because I need this strange "guid". How can I get it?

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    Can we see some code as to what you are trying to do ?

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