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Msal Authentication of Xamarin Form and then pass on that token to AppService

I have xamarin form application and followed to implement Client Side Azure AD authentication. It is working fine.

For backed End Azure App Service, I have secured the app service using Authentication/Authentication menu and Express option. To test that , I created the
access token in postman : and it is working fine.

Now, I want to integrate the xamarin form authentication with App Service. That means, If user have authenticated in Xamarin Form then the token should pass on to the app service in the background and work seamlessly. Please share your thoughts.


  • dmoodzdmoodz Member

    I would also like more information on this. I have been struggling for several days to get the authorization correct. I also followed the MSAL sample app active-directory-xamarin-native-v2 and can seem to login just fine. I get a token that I then pass onto and get my information back. But then when I pass the token to one of our APIs I get a 401 unauthorized. Not sure what settings I need to setup on the App Registration or Function App (the API I'm hitting is a Function App).

  • ryanlafountainryanlafountain Member ✭✭

    Did either of you ever figure this out?

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