Implementing NVentimiglia/Websockets.PCL

Hi, I am a newbie

I have already created php websocket server which I can connect to via "ws://localhost:8080".
Now I want to implement websocket in xamarin app using this nuget package, it says

Include Websockets.Droid and Websockets (PCL) library
void Configure()
// Call in your platform (non-pcl) startup
// 1) Link in your main activity or AppDelegate or whatever
Websockets.Droid.WebsocketConnection.Link(); // <------ here I already fail at .Droid

But I think I am missing what "Websockets.Droid" is, I just have "Websockets.Pcl" at the moment, can you explain where do I find it?

I assume that this solution is valid, just want to set this up.

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