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Sending an SMS and getting a "delivered" notification for that message

I am considering using Xamarin for cross platform mobile device development. I have noticed on my Android phone that when I send a text message, the latest versions of Android will give a "failed" or "delivered" acknowledgement. The samples on sending SMS all seem to pre-date this feature? Is there an up to date example somewhere please? I understand that automated (without user interaction) sending of texts is not viable on iOS .

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  • jezhjezh Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    What device did you use to test?And What's the api version of the device?

  • Thank you for responding. I currently experience the "delivered" acknowledgement on a Samsung J5 running 8.1.0 but from the (Samsung) link below it should be available even before Jellybean....

    Just discoverd if I post a link it bounces the reply....

    From the silence, this rather looks like a "no", but if there is a generic way to implement Android API features?

    Then suraj007 replied so I will check this the next few days

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