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Create a local "HTTP" server for MediaPlayer audio sharing?

Kinda long, thanks in advance

Heya, I'm trying to build an app that will allow multiple devices to play the same song synchronously, something like AmpMe but used on LAN (has to be on the same WiFi network)
As it relays on LAN, the app has to be, or at least IMO peer-to-peer, the device can either create a room (which makes it a client and a server) or join one (which makes it a client).

My first feature is to allow local files to play synchronously, AKA local songs on a device.
In order to do so, I thought to simply upload the songs to each device in the room and then sync their times and start, and delete the song at the end.
But then I noticed that MediaPlayer can use HTTP server as a source (e.g "" )
So I thought I could simply host an HTTP server on the device that opens the room just to allow this method, instead of transfering the audio files themselves manually.

Do you think it's posisble ?

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