Resuming MainActivity on tapping Notification does not work exactly as expected

Hi. I have a Xamarin.Forms application in background, that initiates a notification that is executed in Androids MainActivity (via DependencyService). On tapping the notification, the app should return to foreground.

I builded the notification as specified here: h_t_t_p_s://

I looks like it works, but in detail it does not. What happen is, that MainActivity::OnCreate is called and Xamarin.Forms, App:OnStart() is called, as if the app is closed and started new. What i like to archive is that the app is resumed (App:OnResume() is called) as it happens via the "Overview"-Button (the third button besides "Back" and "Home")

Is this possible? Many thanks!



  • Tracy320Tracy320 Member ✭✭

    Yes, it is the case just as you said. I am also try to find the workaround.

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