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How to add the android project for an existing Xamarin Forms project in Visual Studio 2017

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I just completed a Xamarin Forms project in Visual Studio for Mac targetting the iOS platform. When creating the project, I did not select the Android template since i was working on Mac. Selected only the .Net Standard and iOS project.

The project works fine on the iphone device and now I want to use the same .NET Standard project (earlier PCL) for targetting Android devices on Visual Studio 2017 in Windows.

I am able to open the existing solution in Visual Studio on Windows and compile with the Mac. How do I add the Android project to this existing solution so that I can add the custom renderers and certain files to work correctly on Android and the .Net Standard project is the same without any change.

I tried adding a new project and selected only the Android template targetting Xamarin Forms and .Net Standard but it adds another Forms project to this existing solution. I do not need this new Forms project but want only the Droid project so that it uses the existing PCL library and runs on Android devices.

Any hint to make this work without having to create a new project from scratch for Droid and adding the Xamarin Forms project from the ios solution. I would like to maintain a single solution for both platforms.



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