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Problem pairing to Mac (Xamarin.iOS 12.1-12.2)

clopezclopez ESMember ✭✭✭

Hello there:

I didn't developed for Mac for a while, and when I came back, I found I can't be able to do it.
I'm using Macincloud, and I had the issue of updating Visual Studio in Windows, and then asking for updating the Mac to a newer MacOS (High Sierra). Ok, that's done: I contacted with macincloud and changed the virtual machine to another up to date.

But still, when trying to pair my Windows Visual Studio with the macincloud VM, Visual Studio keep asking to update Xamarin.iOS to 12.1. I double checked: macincloud has Xamarin.iOS 12.2 installed! Also, I checked if there is any update for my windows Visual Studio Xamarion.iOS, but it isn't.

I looked for some answer on Internet, but I get no clue. Only anwsers for previous versions, or not related questions.
Any idea about what´'s happening?

Thank you!

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