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Suggested dev workflow for iOS and Android?

Hi All,

Been playing with Xamarin and really enjoying things. I'd like to develop for both iOS and Android and have a PC and MacBookPro. I've tried Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio on my PC and pairing to my MacBookPro. Both seem to work fine apart from a small issue with VS on my PC forgetting about the iOS simulators and needing me to reconnect the Mac agent.

My question is what's the recommended / best approach for dev with both iOS and Android? Use Visual Studio for Mac or use VS on my PC and use the remote build host / agent on iOS? Maybe use a VM install of Windows / VS on my Mac? Not sure how different VS for Mac is over VS on PC, returning to some serious C# dev after a while away, lots changed!

Thanks all, appreciate any suggestions.

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  • PeterEdwardsPeterEdwards GBMember ✭✭

    Thank @JamesLavery Yes, I did start off on my PC and the Mac agent connection keep dropping my iOS simulators out of my list of targets and there was also some graphical glitches in the simulators.

    Using VS for Mac does seems better, I'm still just trying things out and investigating cross platform options. Obviously Xamarin is used a lot so it is pretty high up the list :)

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