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Update a certain variable in code behind (xaml.cs) after an event is launched in another project.


The context of the problem:

I'm developing a solution where I use the SerialPort class (System.IO.Ports) to Scan Barcodes through serial connection. This class is only available in UWP projects so I integrated this class with dependency service and I can use it from the main project. This class has an event ( DataReceivedHandler(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e) ) which successfully launches when i scan any barcode. No problem with this.


The problem is that when i am running the app and from a certain view i scan something, the event launches (uwp) and i don't know how to program that this scanned value actualize the entry variable (in an xaml.cs file) I was when the event was triggered.

Any idea? I'm really stucked here



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