Xamarin cross platform, iOS SDK issue

Hi all,
I built a cross platform app (Android and iOS) using Xamarin plugins for Visual Studio 2017. I have paired VS17 to my mac for building, but I get this error when I compile in Debug: "No SDK version was provided. Please add --sdk=X.Y to specify which iOS SDK should be used to build your application."

I have already selected the SDK version from: Project Properties> iOS Build>SDK Version (12.1) for "all configurations" and "all platforms".
I also updated XCode to the latest version, to make sure it has the latest SDK.

I have searched google all afternoon, to no avail. If anyone Can help me out, I would be very greatful to them.

Thank you.


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  • njakubowicznjakubowicz Member ✭✭

    Thank you Isesco. I "repaired" visual studio 2017 and applied to available update (15.9.4). I also install VS on the mac (as suggested in an article I read).

    Now I can compile, and I can see all the iPhone simulators as well.

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