Play Store crash on start on some devices of same type

Only Release builds crash on start. We can't reproduce this and it does not happen on all devices of the same exact model. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't fix the issue. This is a serious problem for us with hundreds of crashes and I've seen numerous posts about this with no resolution. I'm even starting to wonder if Xamarin is ready for prime time.

This is an example of all we get for a stacktrace in Play Store:

pid: 0, tid: 0 >>> com.myapp.smv <<<
#00 pc 00000000000ce458 /data/app/com.myapp.smv-Asl05NVaS87Yw0u-GchHjA==/lib/arm64/
#01 pc 000000000010985c /data/app/com.myapp.smv-Asl05NVaS87Yw0u-GchHjA==/lib/arm64/

Sometimes we get an ANR just saying that MainActivity.OnCreate crashed also referencing with the following message:

  • Input dispatching timed out (Waiting because no window has focus but there is a focused application that may eventually add a window when it finishes starting up.)

Devices range from Samsung Galaxy and Note models, Pixel models, Hwauwei models. Numerous attempts at various builds with the following permutations:

  • Remove obj, bin, and packages folders prior to building.
  • Changed linking from SDK, to None, to All.
  • Retargeting all packages to match targetSDK of 8.1.
  • Changing targetSDK to 9.0 and back to 7.1 (updated to 8.1 due to play store policy).
  • Turn on ALL 177 permissions.
  • Remove Write To External storage permissions.
  • Updating Android SDKs.
  • Updating Visual Studio to Beta release.
  • Build from Mac and Windows.
  • Updating all nuget packages, except for Prism and Unity.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • WilliamWattersonWilliamWatterson USUniversity ✭✭
    @mnxamdev did you ever find a solution to this problem?
  • mnxamdevmnxamdev Member ✭✭

    We have not been able to solve this issue. We opened a ticket with Microsoft. If you are having this issue as well I recommend you do so. There is a sticky post on this forum I believe titled “We are here to help”. Our issue was escalated with Microsoft after our first support engineer stopped replying to our emails. Microsoft has been attentive since then but I can’t say they have been helpful. They are stuck on the issue that they can’t recreate the issue (well neither can we which is why we need help) and the lack of systemlogs (logcat) for the issue. What they did tell us is that the customers who are having this issue have it occur during updates. They have also admitted that other customers are having issues as well. @WilliamWatterson do you mind sharing what you’re experiencing and any packages you’re using which you think might be suspect? I wonder though if it may not be a package issue but an issue during the install/update process from Google Play Store which wrecks things.

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