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How to integrate Paytm Payment Gateway SDK in xamarin.forms android project?


I did lot of research for getting the SDK for Paytm payment gateway for xamarin.forms's android project. But unfortunately failed to find the exact SDK. Now I am having some files (link mentioned below) for paytm payment gateway SDK which is originally developed for the Android native application. Can we integrate these files into xamarin.forms android project if yes then how? Or what we have to get these SDK in xamarin.forms android project? If this wont work then can anyone suggest anything? One alternate is I am thinking about using webview but i think that will not solve my problem as how will I get the response to my xamarin app by using webview?

Any Advice will be appreciable.

Thanks in advance!




    Hi @RishitoshGour

    Did you integrated Paytm in the Xamarin ...?If yes, can you please send me the sample or a link...? I used Xamarin Bindings but I'm getting the issues .

    Thanks & Regards

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