Android api >= 26 Remote Push notification custom sounds

Hello forums,

we are facing an issue where we could not get different sounds working in remote push notifications on android api versions greater or equal 26 (Android 8.0 so to speak).

Here is in detail what i want to archieve:

Our users have different reasons why they get push notifications (alarm or sabotage as example). So they can set their prefered sound in app wich gets storred at our servers. In the case of a event we send the according sound property with the push notification. But since Android api 26 we have to use channels. Sadly we could not get this channels to work with different sounds in Xamarin Forms. Our current solution with the FirebasePushNotificationPlugin from CrossGeeks(i am not allowed to link tho there github right now) doesnt work, and i could not. Also a Issue at theyre github didnt lead to any success.

So Here is my Question:
Does anybody have a code example working, regardless of the used plugin or native approach?
We have to fix this issue one way or the other, so any recommendation for plugins/libs or examples working are highly apprechiated.

Thanks in advance

Bernhard Pollerspöck

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