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App Center Push not work

jancijanci Member ✭✭

Hi I configured Push follow instruction in


    protected override void OnStart()
        AppCenter.Start("KEY", typeof(Push));

In ViewModel class I check if Push is enabled with method IsEnabledAsync

    bool isEnabled = await Push.IsEnabledAsync();

Returns false.

IsEnabledAsync returns false also before is called SetEnabledAsync(true)

            await Push.SetEnabledAsync(true);
            bool isEnabled = await Push.IsEnabledAsync();

            Debug.WriteLine($"Push Is Enabled: {isEnabled}"); // still false

When I sent Push notification via App Center it’s never show.

Tested on Genymotion Emulator Android 8 also on phone with Android 6.

What can be wrong?

Thank you


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