How to send client certificates in a HTTPS request

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I am using HttpClient to access a REST service. I now want to access that service using HTTPS and pass a client certificate.

  1. Is it possible using HttpClient, and if so how
  2. If it is not possible can someone post a solution

This problem seems to be a very common problem for developers using Xamarin. It would be a good idea for someone form Xamarin/Microsoft to give a definitive answer on how to do this. It may be useful for someone to write an article explaining how this can be done.


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  • MichaelMcCoolMichaelMcCool GBMember ✭✭

    Thanks for that, but I had already seen this. What I would like is some guidance from the Xamarin/Microsoft team on how this is to be done and also why it needs to be done in this way. There is no clear documentation from them. There doesn't seem to be anyway of using HttpClient as the Certificates property is not implemented. There doesn't seem to be anyway of doing it using AndroidClientHandler.

    What the community needs is clear guidance on this. There is a need for it as there a huge number of queries on it on various forums.

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