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Handing the callback URL for Auth0

I am currently working on authentification for my API with Auth0. Therefor i want to integrate their service in my Xamarin App.
I am working after this tutorial: Auth0 Xamarin Sdk Quickstart

My question is how to handle the callback URL. I am calling the login method using Dependency service, so i can not handle the intent like in the turorial. How do i handle this in my case?



  • ProrobotProrobot Member ✭✭

    For further Description:

    I created an interface and implemented it in the .Android Section to use the Auth0 Dependencies. I then call the method login using the dependency service from my shared project.
    In the example the intent gets handled with the OnNewIntent function, with an intent filer added to the activity.

  • ProrobotProrobot Member ✭✭

    I just managed to get logged, by adding the intent filter to the class where i implemented the login function, but now i do not know how to get back into the sharded project. I handle the intent but stay in my Activity.

    How do i handle the intent to redirect me to the shard project?

    Do you have any idea?

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