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Application referencing a native framework signing issue

JuanjoAJuanjoA ESMember ✭✭


in my project I have referenced a Native framework (not signed). When I compile the framework is copied to the bundle inside the /Contents/Frameworks as expected and everything works ok.

However when I try to deep sign the bundle it shows:
"bundle format is ambiguous (could be app or framework) In Subcomponent: <Path to the Framework>"

According to Apple, only two things allowed at the root of a framework folder: symlinks and the Versions directory. I checked the original framework and it is compliant, however when Xamarin copies the framework to the bundle it replaces the symlinks with the real files.

To confirm this was the issue I copied manually the framework to the the bundle and I was able to sign the bundle successfully.

Is this a known issue? am I doing something wrong? is any workaround available?

I am using Xamarin.Mac with Visual Studio 7.7


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