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SCNNode Bounding Box

BeanzBeanz Member ✭✭

After guys

I am currently working with the iOS ARKit, I am currently trying to implement a piece of code

func getChildBoundingBox() -> (v1: SCNVector3, v2: SCNVector3) {
let firstChild = self.childNodes[0]
return (firstChild.boundingBox.max, firstChild.boundingBox.min)

Using the SceneKit code, I should be able to use the

boundingBox.Min and Max

But these are hidden behind


Which requires refs but cannot pass itself :neutral:

Should I be using Urho instead of SceneKit as according to this API page


These are exposed in the Urho Lib

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  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai
    edited December 2018

    This is swift function which returns tuples . You can convert it to C# in this way .

        float[] getChildBoundingBox(SCNVector3 v1 , SCNVector3 v2)
            var firstChild = this.childNodes[0];
            return new float[] { firstChild.boundingBox.max, firstChild.boundingBox.min }; 

    then you can access the value by

       float[] array = getChildBoundingBox(v1,v2);
       float max = array[0];
       float min = array[1];
  • BeanzBeanz Member ✭✭
    edited December 2018


    Thats great but this does not exist in the xamarin library

    firstChild.boundingBox.max, firstChild.boundingBox.min }

    The only methods / Properties that are exposed are GetBoundingBox()

    So the real question is, what am I meant to be passing as refs

    And it returns a bool :neutral: so not even the values I need lol

  • BeanzBeanz Member ✭✭


    Cheers, that seems to of got it :smile:

    Long day friday and heavy weekend did not help with my logic :smiley:

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