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Installing VS Shell Isolated on Windows 8.1 using SCCM 2012

Hi all, First off, I know about the bug that happens when installing Visual Studio 2013 on Windows 8.1 using SCCM 2012. However, I believe this bug was fixed in the update 3.

I have downloaded and installed Visual Studio Premium 2013 with update 4.

I have downloaded the latest available version of the Visual Studio 2013 Shell (Isolated). And when installing with SCCM 2012, I am still getting the error message that was present in pre-update 3 versions of visual studio.

Error 26403.Failed to add user to group. (-2147463168 SYSTEM Performance Log Users )

Does anyone have a workaround for installing Vs Shell (Isolated) onto a windows 8.1 machine with sccm 2012 ?


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