iOS Storyboard resource not keeping on Windows

I'm working on my xamarin app from my Windows 10 laptop, I have a mac mini to connect to for the iOS version.

something I'm snagging on is the storyboard, it doesn't seem to want to play nicely with my windows laptop. Let me break down what is happening.

  • I added an ImageView control to my view, on Windows it keeps displaying a dialog when I try to add an image, selecting an image does nothing.
  • On the mac, I'm able to add the image with no problems
  • I commit my change from the mac and get an update on the windows laptop, open up VS to see it removed the image from the storyboard

both the mac and Windows machine has VS2017 Professional so I'm really baffled on what's going on.

I'd like to figure this out as my team is all on Windows laptops so we need to figure out what's going on so no one accidentally mess up the iOS views, the mac mini is meant for iOS building only so not everyone will have full access to it.

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