Enhancing performances by not using xaml and/or bindings

Hello everyone, my boss is always pushing for performances and told that PROBABLY the app performances would have a huge boost if I didn't use Bindings or even XAML at all.
I like to use MVVM so I REALLY wouldn't want to go on with this way of coding everything in the page CS file (as my boss suggested), but I was wondering if, leaving aside the cleanness and conciseness of the code... is he right? Would not using XAML and bindings boost performances?

To add to the question: I found these 2 links that could add to the conversation:

Helpers to use C# instead of XAML: https://github.com/mikecircuitry/CSharpForMarkup

XAML Compiled Bindings (to enhance bindings performances): https://blog.mzikmund.com/2018/11/xaml-compiled-bindings-xamarin-forms-performance-reminder/?utm_campaign=Weekly+Xamarin&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Weekly_Xamarin_183

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  • aveschiniaveschini Member ✭✭

    Thanks for the answers, woll be very useful in my battle for clean code! :D

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