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Binding library - generator.exe exited with code -532462766

JurekJurek USMember ✭✭

I try to bind third-party library which is in aar file. I set build action to LibraryProjectZip.
On start I received some warnings and error MSB6006: "generator.exe" exited with code -532462766. Even when I fixed all warnigns, error is still present.
Error is present in both situations - with empty (default) Metadata.xml and with some rules connected with my warnings.

api.xml file is generating in output.

Any suggestions what could be wrong?



  • JurekJurek USMember ✭✭

    I read troubleshooting article and found class which generating this error. I temporary removed this class using metadata entry.
    After some tweaks, I've almost whole library binded, but there are some issues with one class. In this class I have constructions similair to following:

    private List<WillSendRequestListener> willSendInitListeners;
    private List<WillSendRequestListener> willSendStartListeners;
    public void addOnWillSendInitListener(WillSendRequestListener listener) {
        if (willSendInitListeners == null)
            willSendInitListeners = new ArrayList<>(1);
    public void addOnWillSendStartListener(WillSendRequestListener listener) {
        if (willSendStartListeners == null)
            willSendStartListeners = new ArrayList<>(1);
    public void removeOnWillSendInitListener(WillSendRequestListener listener) {
        if (willSendInitListeners != null)
    public void removeOnWillSendStartListener(WillSendRequestListener listener) {
        if (willSendStartListeners != null)

    This code generates multiple errors: The type 'Plugin' already contains a definition for 'WillSendRequest'.

  • JurekJurek USMember ✭✭

    After further research, the error -532462766 was connected with method

    public Map<Map<String, String>, Map<String, List<String>>> getResponses() {
        return responses;

    Propably bindings generator could not map this return type. I temporary removed this.
    Also still have issues with this listners which makes me 38 conflicts. I didn't need them directly, so temporary I also removed them.

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