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Binding library

EnricoRossiniEnricoRossini USMember ✭✭✭✭

Hi guys,
I'm trying to create an app based on the player of Castlab. They don't have any Xamarin support. I created a native Xamarin Android app and I added for their player a binding library and as Microsoft explains in its document. The library is working perfectly in an Android project. When I compile the project for this library I have the following error:

Error CS7036 There is no argument given that corresponds to the required formal parameter 'p0' of 'PlayerControllerView.EventArgs.EventArgs(int)'

I tried to follow the example in their demo but I'm not a Java developer and never used Android Studio and I don't know and find what dependencies this project has (for example what the name space is for SessionManagerListener?).

Could someone help me with that? Thank you in advance

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