XAM150 Exercise 2 (BookManager) not working

RBrasherRBrasher Member, University ✭✭

I have been trying for about 10 hours to run this sample. After wrestling with versions of conflicting NuGet packages (like System.Net.Http (which evidently is deprecated), Microsoft.Net.Http, Microsoft.Bcl, Microsoft.Bcl.Build, and I-don't-even-remember-what-else), I've come down to being stuck on this error:
invalid resource directory name: C:\Development\Start\BookClient.Droid\obj\Debug\MonoAndroid81\res properties "res properties".
Obviously, the path is wrong with two backslashes in the path, and there is no "res properties" folder -- it looks like it's supposed to be res\properties.
I can't find anywhere in the solution to correct this. Seems like it would be in the csproj file, but no, and a Search Entire Solution turns up nothing.
Cleaning doesn't fix it.
Closing, re-opening and rebuilding doesn't fix it.
What can I do to move forward with this?
(I know it's gotta be difficult to keep course materials up-to-date, but... sheez! I spend way more time Googling fixes for problems than doing any real learning about Xamarin.Forms in this course.)
Any help anyone can provide is much appreciated.

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