I'm just not sure how to make it compatible?

Does anyone know if it's possible to convert a Visual Studio 2008 solution file containing SSRS reports (.sln, with .rptproj and .rdl files) to Visual Studio 2013? We are running SQL Server 2012.

I have the SQL Server Data Tools installed with Visual Studio 2013 (per the research I've tried to do on this already). The error I'm getting is:

"This project is incompatible with the current edition of Visual Studio."

I'm just not sure how to make it compatible?

I also don't know if I can jump so many versions in Visual Studio (skipping 2010 and 2012), and if/how Visual Studio 2013 works with SQL 2012 re: SSRS.

I tried looking into the SQL Business Development download but the one for Visual Studio 2013 was for SQL 2014 and the one for SQL 2012 was for Visual Studio 2012 (or 2010. Either way it wasn't 2013).

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