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App Center Push Notifications not delivered

Hi All,

I've followed the steps detailed in the App Center docs and in the Channel 9 video by James Montemagno and Brandon Minnick (Sorry cant post links)

However, the app is not receiving any notifications. Just testing on Android (with Xamarin Forms)

Are there any extra steps that I could've missed that is not explicitly stated in the links? Also, any idea on how to debug this to trace the origin of the problem?

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks!


  • ObrockiObrocki Member ✭✭

    Are you using Firebase? If yes, you could try sending a message from the Console.

    Otherwise please make sure the typeof(Push)is initialized with the correct keys and that you're subscribing to the events.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Obrocki.

    Sending from the Firebase Console, it shows the status as completed and number of Sends as 1.
    App Center also shows a 1/1 sent for the result, without any errors, but the actual device does not receive any notifications

  • Ok, it shows the notification if the app is not active. I made sure to create an event handler for the OnPushNotificationReceived() event and ensured that all app id's were correct and it works.

  • sagarsagar Member ✭✭✭

    @Pieter_vd_Westhuizen I am also facing the same problem. How to come out of it?

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