How will get /private/var/folders/zz/zyxvpxvq6csfxvn_n0000000000000 using GetTempPath() on Maverics

qtsoftqtsoft Member ✭✭

I am using GetTempPath() to get temporary directory path.

GetTempPath() returning on High Sierra is


and GetTempPath() returning on Maverics is


I need /private/var/folders/zz/zyxvpxvq6csfxvn_n0000000000000 also on Maverics.

Even I tried cocoa function NSTemporaryDirectory() on both High Sierra and Maverics, Its returning same path.



  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Why do you want to use that folder?
    This api may be not implemented on such an old mac OS version. I have seen someone opening an issue here:
    You can also raise an issue on Mono:

  • qtsoftqtsoft Member ✭✭

    At /private/var/folders/zz/zyxvpxvq6csfxvn_n0000000000000 location i can perform write operation without any restriction in compare to other location. I need to write file without restriction using my App. So I want to get this path at runtime.

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