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Show Cursor in Entry when virtual Keyboard is controlled by my code

sorry for posting this more than once, I do not know how to move a thread to a different forum...

My app handles the visibility of the virtual keyboard using the sample code that is available here. It does that because most of the time the input is barcode data. With some help I managed to suppress the virtual keyboard successfully.

Now I'm facing a new problem:
When the keyboard is not visible there is no cursor visible in the field. Even if I show the keyboard manually (from a toolbar button) the cursor stays invisible. The entry control has the focus (typing on a hardware keyboard enters text into the entry control) but I'm unable to see any cursor.
The cursor appears only if I

show the virtual keyboard AND
touch into the control
Is there a way to show the cursor regardless of the state of the virtual keyboard?
I have tried SetCursorVisible(true) during the method that shows or hides the keyboard but that doesn't seem to help. Maybe I'm calling that in the wrong method...

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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