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I want to release several open source apps and I want to bundle the runtime so end users do not have to install the runtime. As I'm not using anything you can do with Xamarin.Mac only, I'm assuming that open sourcing apps is possible?



  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    Bundling the Mono runtime is only supported for Xamarin.Mac apps, not MonoMac apps.

  • FusionGamerFusionGamer USMember
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    I'm wanting to know if it's possible to release the source with apps made in Xamarin.Mac. I'm assuming it is when the code doesn't do anything restricted to Xamarin.Mac (I.E GameKit, etc)

  • DaveHuntDaveHunt USMember ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sorry. I misread the first part of your post.

    There's nothing preventing you from releasing your source code, even if it does use Xamarin.Mac-only APIs. Anyone who wanted to use your code would have to own Xamarin.Mac anyway. Bundling the mono runtime doesn't change that.

    If you couldn't release your source code, then anyone, including Xamarin, would have to take down any source code they posted on the web that used Xamarin.Mac (e.g. Tutorials, samples).

  • FusionGamerFusionGamer USMember

    Thanks! Now that I know I'll migrate my apps to Xamarin.Mac.

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