Why are the quote keys acting weird since the latest update?

First of all quotes were working fine before the latest update and when I had first installed Visual Studio Community 2017 for Mac. I have the latest version of mac os and have all my extensions up to date. Today when I tried to write a program for my intro to programming class, the quote keys were behaving strangely. Usually it autocompleted and surrounded my cursor with two quotes but now it types in just one and waits for me to hit another key at which it overwrites the quote with. So if I type a " it highlights it, then if I press S for example it goes from " to S. I'm not sure if it's maybe a system wide issue or just within visual studio. It may be system wide because it has a similar behavior typing in this textbox where it underlines the quote waiting for a key response, but it doesn't overtype it if I input a key. I'm still only a few weeks into my class and new to this, so it was getting quite frustrating. Hoping there's a simple fix, help would be much appreciated.


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    It seems like the OverType Mode on Visual Studio for windows. Have you installed some editing extensions on your VS for Mac to enable that editing feature?

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