Integrating with SiriKit problems

I'm working as per this guide

Everything is good up until step #5 which is adding the new Xamarin.iOS library as a reference to my .Net Standard 2.0 main project. But I could not add it because of an (Incompatible target framework. Xamarin.iOS version=v1.0) error.

@JoeManke advised me to add the iOS library to the iOS project and then use it through dependency injection within the main project. However as I implemented this workaround and moved forward to step #6 I found that all models that will be moved to the new library will be under an unaccessible namespace to the shared project where all the work is being done.


  • LandLuLandLu Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    SiriKit is platform related and can only be used on iOS. So this shared project can only be referenced to the iOS main project.
    What do you mean

    under an unaccessible namespace

  • AhmedElashkerAhmedElashker USMember ✭✭
    edited November 2018

    What I mean is I have a .Net Standard 2.0 Xamarin project including a main shared project, iOS project and Android project.

    Now as per step #5 in implementing SiriKit I should add a newly created iOS library as a reference in the main project. Upon trying to do so I get this screen.

    I started with implementing all the logic in the shared project. So even when I neglect the fact that I should add the iOS library to the main project and instead add it to the iOS project another problems surfaces with step #6 when I move the data models to the iOS library. The library's namespace and all data models falling under it are only recognizable within the iOS project because I could only import this library in the iOS project, and so the shared project no more gets an access to these data models.

    Do I really need to stick with those steps? I never came across another documentation of how to implement SiriKit in Xamarin so I'm pretty much stuck with this for now.

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