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Change Xamarin Mac Agent Port

RafaGRafaG USMember ✭✭

Hi everyone,

I need to connect for a few times to a remote MAC over internet. Although very bad practice, I used to open port 22 for the minutes I needed to connect and all worked. Now the router at Mac's place was updated I can't redirect the public port 22. So I need to use a different public port like 50000 and redirect it to the internal LAN port 22.

I tried just connecting to {public IP}:50000 without effort.

I already readed this post, where is explained how to change mac agent port number....

My problem is I NEVER CONNECTED to this pc before (since I had to format my PC a few days ago), so the keys the articles speaks about were not created.

My question is, is it possible to change the port number then, WITHOUT having connected to the target Mac before? Could I maybe manually create the needed keys?

I hope you can help me here :)

Thanks in advance!

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