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Publishing app iOS problem (Invalid signature & missing App Store icon)

I have tried,removed and searched about how to fix these problem however I get these mails back all the time. Even after changing and adding whatever the documentations says.

I have cleaned and removed bin I tried choosing manual and auto provisioning profile,

I have added market 1024x1024 in assets with all other icons

I have no idea how to continue please help!


  • mmontenegrommontenegro BOMember

    I will add my 2 cents here, I had the same problem a few days ago, and the reason was that I had in my assets a file with an accentuated character "é" in one of my assets files causing the binary check to fail.

    Once removed the invalid signature error was gone, and the binary was validated by apple.

    More info: Avoid special characters in Executable names

  • i have tried that already! i gave up to fix it on mac i did a IPA file with PC and then send it to my mac and it worked!

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