Rendering layout changes problem (Visual Studio Community 2017)


I'm not completely a beginner with developing Android apps but I'm a newbie doing this with Visual Studio+Xamarin.
I started with a simple app (the sample app to translate a literal phone number into a genuine phone number) but I'm facing a strange issue: everytime I put a component into the RelativeLayout it appears "overlapped" to the component that is placed at the upper-left corner of the layout.
Even though in the "activity_main.axml" the component results with the property "android:layout_below" correct, the component is not displayed placed correctly.
I have to close the solution, reopen it and then all the components are displayed in the right position.
If I change to a different layout, the "rendering" window keeps loading forever and closing and reopening the solution doesn't fix the issue.
So it seems that the only kind of layout that works is the Relative.
May I check something?
Thank you, regards.


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