How to get data(pulse) from the bracelet via Bluetooth

My goal is to get data (pulse) from the fitness bracelet Torntisc T1 using my application and independently process data from the bracelet.

To implement I use Xamarin and found a Bluetooth LE plugin for Xamarin plugin to connect to the device and receive data from it. However, all the characteristics obtained are called "Unknown characteristic" and in values ​​of 0 bytes. Although it has 5 services, each of which has 3 characteristics. The only name of characteristics in 1 service is other: "Device Name", "Appearance", "Peripheral Preferred Connection Parameters". However, the value (value) is everywhere 0 bytes. How to get characteristics? How to get a pulse?

foreach (var TestService in Services)
                var characteristics = await TestService.GetCharacteristicsAsync();
                foreach (var Characteristic in characteristics)
                    var properties = Characteristic.Properties;
                    var name = Characteristic.Name;
                    var serv = Characteristic.Service;
                    var value = Characteristic.Value;
                    var stringValue = value.ToString();
                    string result = "";
                    if (value.Length != 0)
                        result = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetString(value, 0, value.Length - 1);

To the bracelet there is an application H Band 2.0, which shows a fairly large number of settings for the bracelet, the question arises where is all this?

Native app H Band 2.0. Attempt of decompile here. I found the classes responsible for the connection in the following directory: sources\no\nordicsemi\android\dfu. I see what has been done via BluetoothGatt. Unfortunately I am not an expert in java and android, unfamiliar with this library. I didn't find any methods or anything related to the "pulse", but a large number of magic parsing characteristics: parse (characteristic)


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